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health data platform

We build an integrated health solutions that follow clinical work flow and centred around patients. Our platform is for those who understand the need to have patient health information accessible when you most needed it.

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Private and secure platform
for health data exchange

In many cases, patient data need to be shared, for example, between healthcare providers for elective interventions. However, this sharing of data is made impossible by the legacy systems with their inherent lack of interoperability.

To resolve this, we use decentralised data management principles and technology stack to bridge the data gaps across the entire health eco-system while maintaining the security and privacy of patient data.

Through cHEART (pronounced 'si:ha:rt'), our blockchain platform for health information, we enable every stakeholder to see the necessary information across the eco-system while preserving the privacy and security for everyone.

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Integrated patient-centric

We understand the need for patients to have a better health care when they are going through their health journey.

Anchored around cHEART patient app that keeps personal health information (PHI), we have three (3) integrated solutions to enable healthcare providers to provide continuous care to their patients.

SIMPLE - an on-demand emergency medical care for pre-hospital service.

24 Health - a personalised on-demand medical care at home after being discharged from hospital.

EASY - a digital solution for population health, catering to the underserved community to help them screen and maintain their health.

We take patient data seriously

Safeguarding patient's data security and privacy is of utmost important for us, so much so, we did an independent assessment on the platform we built.

We went through a detailed and grueling assessment and validation process conducted by CyberSecurity Malaysia because we need to make sure the system that we built meet the security and privacy standards.

The assessment and validation were done on our blockchain network and cryptography algorithm.



using technology to
support personal
health, patient care
and research



Health Tourism



A better way to build
consumer-centric health technology

Build smarter and faster

We love our fellow developers! So let us help you build your solution smarter and faster. Every module for personal health information app, pre-hospital, post-hospital and managing population health is available to you via API.

Documentation and support at every step

API includes full documentation, implementation and ongoing support. Plus, as we update the platform, your API is automatically updated.

Technology that has been tested for you

When you purchase our API, you get the same exact API, feature set, documentation, and updates that we use internally.

Customised your solution through white label

Enhance your brand through our white labeling service. You will have ready to use solutions with proven user experience which can be easily integrated into your existing eco-system. We can also further customise the solutions to meet your requirements.

About DATA8

Data8 is a healthtech company with a mission to ensure health and well-being for all. We are committed to provide digital health solutions that support individuals throughout their health journey and making high-quality care more accessible and affordable for everyone.

In 2019, Data8 was selected for 5G Lab healthcare use cases organised by the Ministry of Health, DIGI, CREST and Cyberview. The company was selected to participate in two highly regarded accelerator programmes; ‘Coach & Grow Programme’ organised by Cradle in 2020 and MAGIC’s Global Accelerator Programme in 2021.

Data8 was chosen to be part of the National Technology & Innovation Sandbox (NTIS) initiative under MOSTI in 2020. Through NTIS, Data8 has been identified and selected as a tech partner for Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG) to venture into health tourism.

Data8 was announced as the winner for Digital Health Innovation Challenge 2021 organised by Business Sweden, AstraZeneca, Sunway iLab, MAGIC and MDeC.